Month: April 2020

What is the risk of non-payment of the loan?

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It happens that one takes a loan from a bank and because of circumstances or simply unwilling to pay, does not charge monthly contributions. In such situations, financial institution notices may follow each other in vain. At the same time, this person does not respond to warnings. See for the scoop

Bank representatives usually wait 60 days, during which they give the client the opportunity to repay the repayments without reminding them of the debt. At the same time, many customers do not think at all about what they are at risk of not paying a bank loan.

Given what can happen in life


In various unforeseen situations, there is a certain period for solving problems. Two months is enough to collect the right amount. After the specified time, the organization has the right to contact the collection company and the large debtor will face major problems.

The bank goes into such extreme measures in hopeless cases. Sometimes visiting a financial institution and talking to a manager can give you an additional month of delay.

 It is much easier to negotiate with the bank. They will meet with you, they can rewrite the repayment schedule according to your wishes and explain what threatens the non-payment of the loan to the bank.

What is the risk of a dead rhythm?


Then you can extend the loan, for example, by the year the monthly payments will be significantly reduced. The overwhelming majority of overdue loans are consumer loans, which have been simplified as far as possible. Previously, banks did not file claims against small debtors and sued mainly legal entities. Now they are fighting for every overdue loan.

 Each contract has Article 1 Article 819 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, which provides that the debtor repays the amount of the loan.

It states that the client is responsible for the bank with collateral of the property. It also explains in detail what threatens to fail the loan. Paragraph 1 of Article 333 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation may help a person in a difficult situation to fight fines and fines.

Collecting companies


If the situation is out of control, the deadly deadline simply does not respond to the bank's call, the collecting company's staff visits it and explains in a very cultural way how bad a person is and what difficulties his irresponsibility will cause.

 The key sanctions expected for defaults are prescribed in the credit agreement and you should read this document carefully before approving. In the event of temporary difficulties of the principal debtor, the amount overdue may be repaid by a third party presenting a passport to the bank's staff.

So what is the risk of non-payment of the loan? The next day after the repayment deadline, a fine of 0.01% of the principal amount will be added to the total debt. The percentage would seem ridiculous, but it is worth considering how much is charged daily. It turns out that you have to pay a lot.